In the first post I wrote on the blog this year, I talked about my plans for this year and what I hope to achieve. I figured with the start of July, we have entered the second half of the year, I should take some time to analyze how I am doing and if I am on track to get things done by the end … Continue reading MID YEAR REVIEW

Lessons from World Earth Day 2022

Since April 22, 1970, April 22 is celebrated as World Earth Day to promote environmental protection. This past Earth day, I participated in the Lingadzi River clean up in my home city of Lilongwe. We started with collecting plastics along the river at the Lilongwe Wildlife Center before moving on to the Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary where I was part of the team that collected plastics … Continue reading Lessons from World Earth Day 2022

M265 Mentorship session: Managing Stress When Preparing for MSCE Final Exams

I volunteer as a Maphunziro265 ambassador. Maphunziro265 (M265) is a Malawian non-profit organization that mentors secondary school students in different parts of the country. You can find out more about them here. I have been a part of M265 since January 2020, right before Covid hit and schools shut down. Due to a number of factors, I had not been able to participate in a … Continue reading M265 Mentorship session: Managing Stress When Preparing for MSCE Final Exams

Of January 2022

Hey y’all! General January as known to most, has finally come to end! I have to say it’s been a pretty fast January on my end. I am back in class full time and occasionally I find myself questioning what I am doing here but after a recent class meeting with the Executive Dean, I realized that it’s a matter of figuring out where I … Continue reading Of January 2022